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Want to sell your Logo wear online?  Have a team fundraising event you're selling tees and jackets for?  ​We can help you with this!

How big does my organization/need to be for a team store to make sense?
Order My Gear is well suited for single teams, schools or large associations.  It really depends on what you hope the store will do for you.  In some cases, multiple teams and team managers will set up their stores when purchasing similar apparel and equipment.  In this case, they are looking to streamline their operation, make purchasing easy for parents and players, and eliminate the need to collect funds.  For others the possibility to “fund raise” within the store is welcomed.

How do we set up our store?
We take care of this for you.  All we need is your logo, your choices of apparel, equipment and other items your group/team are required to purchase, along with supplemental products that can add value to your organization.  Your store can be open for business within a week.  Your Team Sales representative can walk you through the process.

How do we decide what to put in the store?
The choice is yours and ultimately determined by your unique needs.  In some cases, items that are always popular like pull-over hoodies, tee’s, caps and toques are included along with the mandatory team wear (jerseys, jackets, practice gear, etc).  Fan wear is also a popular addition.  When you meet with a Team Sales representative we are happy to share with you some ideas to create an amazing Team Store.
Can I add apparel, equipment or gear after the store has been set up?
Products can be easily added or removed before the store goes “live”.  Once the store is up and running changes would need to be deferred until the next store opening date.

How long does our store stay open?
Your store is open for a time frame determined by you.  In most cases, stores remain open from two weeks up to six weeks.  The longer the store is open, the more likely store purchases will continue to grow.  We’ll help you determine the inventory levels so your product can be managed successfully.

What does it cost to have our own team store?
The only fee that applies is a processing fee of 4.9% on each purchase.  This amount is automatically calculated when purchases are made and is the only cost to running your store.

How are funds collected and dispersed?
Funds are collected by Order My Gear.  Once the fee of 4.9% is deducted the remaining funds are forwarded to us and applied to the appropriate invoices for your product and embellishments purchases.

Is the system secure?
It is!  You and your players/customers enter your information directly to your store – just like purchasing through a system like Amazon.  You decide who has access and who doesn’t.

How can I track the activity in my store?
We can send you a report to see all the purchases for your store at any given point.  Give your Team Sales representative a call and we’ll get it done for you.

What kinds of reports are provided?
The Product Report shows the quantity and dollar amount for each item by size and color.  All the purchases are tracked.

Is the store easily accessed?
Very easily. There is a single link for the store that can be provided to all your members. It takes you directly to the home page of your store.

Who do we call if we have a problem or a question?
Please call your Team Sales representative associated or assigned to your account. 


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